Animal in My Crawl Space Removal

Fast, Humane Animal in My Crawl Space Removal

Removing animals that have gotten into your crawl space is a common thing for those of us in pest control and removal , especially as the weather turns colder.  Wildlife animals are always looking for a place to shelter that is safe, dry and warm.  Your crawl space is often the perfect spot as its warm and not frequented by humans.

To prevent animals from getting into your crawl space you should inspect the entire space from the inside and outside to note any holes or open areas where they can get in.  Make sure you close all those up but this may not prevent burrowing animals that will dig underground holes to get into your crawlspace, like rodents, groundhogs and possums.

Crawl Space Animal Removal

Despite efforts to keep your crawlspace free of pests, an animal may still get into your crawlspace. Smaller rodents are expert at clawing into areas and squeezing into super small holes.  Once they have a way in it may be difficult to stop them, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, skunks or foxes should be trapped and removed.  These animals can be dangerous and they each may require different methods for removal and to ensure that they stay out.  It is best to call a professional wildlife expert like New Day Pest Control to remove them.

At New Day Pest Control, we have helped homeowners throughout New Jersey remove wildlife from their crawlspaces and prevent pests from returning. If you suspect animals are getting into your crawlspace, please give us a call and we can take a look at the space.

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