Carpenter Bee Removal in NJ

Safe Low Cost Bee Removal

We can identify and safely remove bees from in and around your NJ home.

Carpenter bees can be a problem for your home because they bore holes in the wood to form a nest for their eggs.  They don’t eat the wood like termites but can make large holes to lay their eggs and can cause damage to your home if you get too many bees.

As you can see in the video if you find holes bored into the wood on your deck or around other areas of the exterior of your home is likely a carpenter bee problem.

If you see signs of carpenter bees in your New Jersey home or property, call us to get professional help to remove bees and ensure that they don’t return to your property.

If you think you may have carpenter bees damaging the wood of your NJ home call us today.  We can stop by today for an inspection and give you an estimate of the bee removal cost.

Contact us for safe and effective be removal in NJ.

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