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Cicada Killer Wasps Removal

Cicada killer wasps are a common pest encountered by NJ homeowners.  Cicada Killers are not cicadas, they look like large bees with big brown wings, they are named after their tendency to kill Cicadas and Locusts.   Cicada killers are very large in size, growing up to more than 2 inches in length.

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Cicada killer wasps are typically not interested in people but they can bite people if a person gets near or touches their nest.

Trying to eliminate a Cicada Killer infestation can provoke them and lead to injury.  Instead call a professional pest control company for wasp removal.


New Day Pest Control can help you take care of any problems you have with cicada killer wasps. Call our cicada killer wasp removal experts to for a same day evaluation and cicada killer wasp nest removal.

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