Groundhog Removal in NJ

Groundhog removal in NJ is very difficult to do on your own and it is recommended you seek out the advice of a professional wildlife removal company.

At New Day Pest Control we are fully licensed and trained to trap and remove wildlife like groundhogs or woodchucks from your NJ property.

How to trap a groundhog?

Groundhogs burrow holes and tunnels underneath you shed and eat from your garden.  The best way to stop groundhogs from ruining your backyard is to trap them alive, remove them and then set them free in the woods far away from your home.

This is the most humane way to control unwanted groundhogs or other wildlife from your home.

We are a licensed NJ pest control company that can help you with groundhog trapping in New Jersey.  We use only humane methods of live capture and relocation to a habitable area for groundhogs.

Contact us today if you need help with groundhog removal – 201-972-5592.

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  1. Have groundhog under my shed and need it caught and removed. It destroyed my vegetable garden last year and don’t want it to happen this year.


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