How to Get Rid of Ants in Your NJ Home Permanently

Get Rid of Ants in the House

When the weather gets warm hundreds of ants may start to appear in your pantry, counters and other areas of your home where there may be crumbs or food spills.  Ants are not dangerous but there are many of them, they are hard to control and they tend to get into everything ruining food and pantry items.

Getting rid of ants is equally as difficult.  Ant baits that you buy at the store will often get rid of ants for a few days or more but they will eventually return and usually in greater numbers.

Best Ant Bait for Ant Extermination

Usually if you see ants in your home in NJ the ants have more than one colony nearby and coming to your home to get food and bring it back to the colony.  If you kill the ant and don’t destroy the colony they will return.  If you kill the ants but don’t destroy all of the colonies, the ants in the remaining colony will gather in the refugees and they will all return.


Ant Control Services in NJ

We will inspect your home and ensure that each colony is destroyed so the ants have to start a new colony elsewhere.   For many ant infestations the most effective and easy solution is a bait application on their trails. The ants will immediately feed on the bait and bring it back to their colonies.

The colony will collapse once the bait kills their queen ant.

Don’t waste your money on temporary fixes or ant killers, New Day Pest Control for permanent ant removal in NJ today – 201-972-5592


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