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Sewer Problems? We can help.  A1 is one of the best sewer repair contractors in NJ.  If you need sewer repair in nj for any sewer or water drain or drainage services we have worked with A1 sewer and drain for sewer repair nj  and can recommend them wholeheartedly.


To keep sewer lines functioning our sewer repair team is trained in sewer inspection, sewer cleaning and performing a sewer line repair to ensure sewage does not backflow into your home and your sewer lines run smoothly.

Not sure what the problem with your sewer line is? Don’t pay a contractor for a guess. Call us today and one of our sewer technicians will complete a sewer inspections and tell you exactly what’s wrong and give you options and an estimate to fix it.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer back ups are never convenient but most of the time they are pretty easy to solve for a professional plumber.  Some backups can be caused by problems with the underground sewer line pipes that build up over time or may be a plumbing emergency when the sewer line is backing up into your home.

Sewer cleaning is needed if you have debris stuck in the line or tree roots that have not yet cracked the sewer pipe, but in many cases sewer repair is needed to fix the sewer line long term.

A1 Sewer & Drain provides sewer cleaning and 24-hour emergency plumbing services to be there when you have sewer backup.

Sewer Repair

If you have repeated sewer backups it is likely that you have something wrong with your sewer line.  There are several sewer line problems that require sewer line repair including:

  • broken pipe– a sewer pipe may be cracked or broken.
  • pipe corrosion- with age the pipe material will corrode and fall apart.
  • pipe slope – soil movement can create a negative slope that puts pressure on pipes causing them to crack and burst.
  • pipe belly– ground shifts can cause a valley in the pipe line that can collect debris.
  • tree root infiltration– nearby tree roots are attracted to the water in the pipes and can inject themselves into pipe joints and then grow into the pipe, blocking the pipe and sometimes cracking the pipe.

If you have a current problem with your sewer line, you need a sewer line repair or your sewer line is backed up contact us today for help.

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