Pest Loss and Damage Costs NJ $290 Million Annually

New Jersey loses over $290 million annually from direct crop loss or damage caused by agricultural pests, or the costs to control pests.


NJ farms suffer the most from insects and small animals resulting in millions of dollars in damages to food crops each year.  But just because you don’t have crops in your backyard or even a garden, small pests can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Pest control in NJ is usually needed to control common pests like mice, cockroaches and termites in homes and commercial properties.   Depending on the type of animal or insect infestation, pests can do a lot of damage to a building’s structural stability that puts the property at risk during construction, storms or heavy snow.

Pests can also be a major health hazard carrying and transmitting disease in your home or to your pets. Small animals like mice and chipmunks can chew wires, ruin stored food and spilling flammable items. If you have a nj business that needs pest control all of these damages are magnified as they can affect your profits, your reputation and your liability to customers.

It is vital to have a pest management program for your home or business.

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