Yellow Jacket Bee Nest Removal

Yellow jacket pest control is the most effective if you are able to find and eliminate their nest.

Yellow Jackets Nest

The nest can be hard to spot as it can far away from where you see the yellow jackets and can be hidden from view inside a bush or buried in a simple hole in the ground.  Many times, there will be more than one yellow jacket nest to remove so careful investigation of the entire backyard or other area is necessary.

Bee Treatment

We can then treat the ground nests with insecticide but it is important to wear protective gear as if you don’t treat all the way down the hole into the nest the worker bees and brood in a treated nest come back and reactivate the nest days later.

Yellow Jacket Pest Control and Nest Removal

Call us today for a yellow jacket nest removal if you have seen yellow jackets in your property often – 201-972-5592.

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